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The Mom Life is a non-profit organization that exists to bring unity and encouragement to all generations of women walking out their motherhood journey. We believe the shared wisdom, support, and love of these women in their varying seasons will create a powerful force to uplift and empower mothers. 

We strive to create an environment where mothers can come to be refreshed, educated and empowered, encounter the love of Jesus, grow deeper in their faith, form a tribe of women for mutual support and encouragement, and give back to other moms in their community who could use a helping hand.

We do this through organized weekly group meetings, our online community, meet-ups, relaxing retreats, and empowering conferences. 

Erika Ulrich

Erika Ulrich is a wife and mama to two handsome boys, Noah and Judah. She is a powerful teacher and evangelist, who is passionate about sharing the love and transformative power of Jesus. She enjoys baking cookies, working out (because of said cookies), writing, and teaching.