Does your marriage feel like it’s in the middle of an Identity Crisis?

When you said your vows your marriage was crystal clear; you knew who you were, what the purpose of your marriage was, your vision for your future. Then somewhere along the way something happened, something changed and you can’t even pinpoint when it happened or why, but it just did!

Nothing. Changed. Your marriage hasn’t changed.

Life. Did.

And because LIFE DID, you started to think your marriage did, but it didn’t, it’s just had an Identity Crisis. Think about it, it’s the same with our children.

When we have a family we are crystal clear; we study our kids to know who they are, we help them find their purpose, give them a vision for their future and watch as they start to live into that. Then their teenage years hit, something changes and you (or they) can’t even pinpoint when it happens or why, but it just does; Life Happens and our kids forget who they are. WE may even be tempted to forget who they are or wonder if we ever truly KNEW in the first place, and an Identity Crisis sets in.

One dark, early fall morning I suddenly woke up with the word R E M E M B E R, as large as the size of my house, in my head. I had a panicking thought that I forgot to set the alarm for something important or that I had something important to do that day. Thankfully, before I allowed myself to go into full blown panic mode, I prayed. I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me what this word, or dream or whatever, was all about. He gently said to me, “you are to remind women who they are, what their identity is, what Jesus did for them, the commitments they made to their husbands, their family, their friends and their church community." 

“REMEMBER” has been the banner over which I walk daily.

  • I REMIND myself of the truth of who Jesus is, who I am because of Him, what He’s called me to
  • I REMEMBER His love for the church and how He hasn’t given up on it and my promise to not either
  • I REMIND myself of my vows to my husband and that our relationship comes before all others and nurturing it takes intentionality
  • I REMEMBER my commitment to my children and my choice to love, that never ends.

R E M E M B E R.

This one word has more density than many others these days. After following Christ for 33 years, being married for 29 and raising children for 24, it’s easy to forget my commitment, my vows, my promises. The mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster of LIFE can easily cause “Spiritual Alzheimer’s”. But I am choosing to be intentional about Remembering who I am and what I’m called to. And I encourage you to Remember too ❤ 

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