Not In A Hurry

There I was. Frantic. Rushing. The picture of “desperate housewife” with my messy mom-bun and yoga pants (it’s a stigma because it’s true). My day was filled with errands and obligations and crossing off to-do lists. I would like to say I handle such days with elegance & grace, but that would simply be untrue. I was exhausted and my fuse was short. And try as I might to actually be on time to something, I always seem to fail. And when errands that should take 45 minutes end up taking three hours with kids, my patience starts to wear thin. And it leaves me exhausted. The kind of exhausted that you feel in your bones. And just, why?

The thing is, as I pause long enough to reflect on this constant state of rushing I realize it is not just circumstantial: it’s spiritual. Something inside that feels it needs to hurry and rush and “keep up.” As if I’m not enough as I am. I’m not accomplishing enough. Not working hard enough. Not achieving enough. I’m always looking ahead to what is next, instead of focusing on the here & now. 

And what God has been teaching me this last year is how to slow down. How to rest in Him. How to lay down my burden’s & anxieties and just trust in Him. I don’t have to go it alone anymore — He’s got me. And when I lean on Him, He fills me with the supernatural peace of the Holy Spirit. So that even in the midst of all the chaos of this season with little kids, I can be at rest. Not rushing. Not striving. Just being.

“Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?” - Jeremiah 2:25 [MSG]

Every morning I take time to invite God into my day. I want to partner with Him to get through it. I want to give Him the first fruits of my time so that I can walk into my day, whatever is in store, from a place of rest & love. Some days this means I do quiet time or devotional in the morning. I love those days, but often they just aren’t a reality for me in this season. So mostly, it is just a simple prayer of surrender every morning. Or maybe it’s playing a worship song while I make breakfast to help get my mind & heart focused on Jesus. But these little acts can really make all the difference in changing the pace & tone of my day. 

“I’m not in a hurry, when it comes to your spirit
When it comes to your presence
When it comes to your voice
I’m learning to listen
Just to rest in your nearness
I’m starting to notice, 
You are speaking” 

-- Will Reagan “I’m Not In A Hurry”

Is there something God is encouraging you to release and let go of today? Areas you’ve been striving and rushing that we need to invite Him into? Let’s unite in breaking off a rushed spirit and instead invite in the peace of the Holy Spirit!