Make Disciples that Make Disciples

When I was 21 I did a 6 month discipleship training school with a Christian missions organization called YWAM. I did three months of intense training in Kona, Hawaii and then three months of outreach in India. I had the opportunity to hear from some of the most incredible leaders and teachers in the world and their lessons are still deeply imprinted on my heart. 

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Erika Ulrich
Please Be Quiet

I remember it vividly, when he first started talking. He started off with “Dada” and quickly moved to “helicopter” and “basketball”, all before saying the coveted “Mama”. But then he said it, that sweet, simple word – my name – and it lit me up in a way nothing else ever could. Hearing him say “Mama” moved my heart so much I would give the boy anything when he said it. How did we go from that to now me hearing the word “Mom” and it making me cringe or roll my eyes or sigh in exasperation?

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1Erika Ulrich

Does your marriage feel like it’s in the middle of an Identity Crisis?

When you said your vows your marriage was crystal clear; you knew who you were, what the purpose of your marriage was, your vision for your future. Then somewhere along the way something happened, something changed and you can’t even pinpoint when it happened or why, but it just did!

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2Traci RodarmelComment
Changing the Narrative

A story all moms can relate to, I’m sure: my sweet baby girl, up from midnight until 3 a.m., not going back to sleep despite our best efforts. She was sleeping in our room at the time, so both my husband and I were awake with her, trying desperately to get her to go back to sleep. But she was wide awake. Playing, cooing, babbling to us. Finally, around 3 a.m. we finally get her back to sleep, only to be woken just three hours later at 6 a.m. to start our day.

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Accidental Narcissist

As a people, we have become pretty numb to our surroundings. It’s as if there is so much external stimulus that our senses have just dulled a bit. Ok, a lot. All the while this is happening we are being constantly reminded of our own self-importance. There’s a lot of emphasis on self-development, self-esteem, selfies… you know what I’m talking about.

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